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Zenivex E20  Agcy

NOW APPROVED FOR USE OVER AGRICULTURAL CROPS & PASTURELAND* Zenivex® is an effective insecticide used at low volumes to control adult mosquitoes, non-biting midges, biting and non-biting flies. Zenivex® E20 is 20% Etofenprox by weight. It is an oil-based formulation for use in Ultra Low Volume (ULV) application. Although it doesn't require dilution, it can be diluted with oil. The low odor formulation can be used in hand, ground or aerial applications, requires no aquatic setbacks and has crop approval for use in rural as well as urban settings. Zenivex® E20 has a very low toxicity profile for mammals and birds, and its dried residues are easy on bee populations. In addition, Zenivex® E20 can be sprayed over cropland. It does not contain Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO), and the oil-based formulation can be used both neat and diluted. *California, New York and Florida pending registration.

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Get a break on mosquito control expenses from the company that puts customers first. Now, when you purchase designated amounts of Zenivex® products during the program period, you can receive a price discount of up to 10%. Protect your community, gain savings, and add the reduced-risk profile from etofenprox-based Zenivex® formulations. Discounts on Zenivex® Products are offered at the time of purchase. Zenivex® purchases under this program also qualify for our 2019 All Clear Year-End Rebate program.

Additional Information


Aqua Zenivex™ E20 has the efficacy and toxicity profile of Zenivex® products, in a water-dilutable formulation for the effective control of adult mosquitoes, non-biting midge flies and nuisance flies. Apply in or near residential, industrial and commercial properties; over agricultural crops, pastures and rangeland; and other areas where these pests are a problem. Mixing and equipment cleanup are made easy with this new Zenivex® formulation, featuring emulsifiers that allow Aqua Zenivex™ E20 to be used in spray tanks previously used with oil based products without gummy buildup or clogging of filters and spray nozzles typically seen with other water-dilutable formulations.

Aqua Zenivex™ E20 is classified as a reduced-risk adulticide by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making it the ideal mosquito-control option for professional adult control.

  • Water-dilutable formulation
  • EPA reduced –risk classification
  • Approved for a wide range of application sites including agricultural crops, pastures and rangeland
  • Requires no synergist (PBO)
  • Mixed/agitated solution stays without settling or stratifying
  • No crop set-backs
  • Can be used diluted or undiluted
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