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Product Details

Zenivex E20 Mini Tote

Zenivex® E20 is 20% Etofenprox by weight. It is an oil-based formulation for use in Ultra Low Volume application. Although it doesn't require dilution, it can be diluted with oil. The low odor formulation can be used in hand, ground or aerial applications, requires no aquatic setbacks and is approved for use over crops in rural as well as urban settings. Zenivex® E20 has a very low toxicity profile for mammals and birds, and its dried residues are easy on bee populations. In addition, Zenivex® E20 can be sprayed over cropland. It does not contain Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO), and the oil-based formulation can be used both neat and diluted. *New York pending registration.

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Get a break on mosquito control expenses from the company that puts customers first. Now, when you purchase designated amounts of Zenivex® products during the program period, you can receive a price discount of up to 10%. Protect your community, gain savings, and add the reduced-risk profile from etofenprox-based Zenivex® formulations. Discounts on Zenivex® Products are offered at the time of purchase. Zenivex® purchases under this program also qualify for our 2019 All Clear Year-End Rebate program.

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The most effective mosquito control programs use adulticides in conjunction with larvicides. This is especially necessary when there are an excessive number of adult mosquitoes in an area or the outbreak of disease poses a health threat to your community. Zenivex® E20 and Zenivex® E4 are oil-based formulations for use in Ultra Low Volume (ULV) applications and do not require dilution. Aqua Zenivex™ E20 has the efficacy and toxicity profile of Zenivex® products, in a water-dilutable formulation. All Zenviex® formulations are ready-to-use for hand, ground or aerial application, require no aquatic setbacks and have crop approval so you can spray throughout urban and rural settings.

Zenivex® mosquito adulticide gives you three alternatives for adult mosquito control. It is a high efficacy, reduced-risk adulticide that provides quick, permanent knockdown and reliable control of adult mosquito populations in any mosquito habitat.

*New York pending registration.


  • Approved for use over cropland
  • No synergist, therefore no Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO)
  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) usage
  • Diluted or undiluted application options
  • EPA reduced risk classification


The active ingredient in Zenivex® adulticide is Etofenprox, a unique molecule for the control of adult mosquitoes. Etofenprox presents a low toxicity to birds and dried foliar residues are not harmful to honeybees.The EPA has classified Etofenprox as reduced risk, making Zenivex® products the ideal choice in mosquito adulticides.

  • Low Odor
  • Non–Ester Pyrethroid
  • Unique Molecule
  • Effective On Organophosphate Resistant Mosquitoes
  • Sodium Channel Blocker
  • Improved Safety For Operators And Bystanders

Etofenprox presents a low toxicity to birds and dried foliar residues are not harmful to honeybees.The following chart shows comparative acute toxicities through LD50 measurement.

Comparative Acute Toxicities

*An LD50 is a measure of toxicity. The longer the LD50 bar, the lower the toxicity. Compared to the active ingredient in other leading mosquito control products, Etofenprox, the active ingredient in Zenivex® products, is the least toxic.

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