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Product Details

2 Gallon Home and Garden Sprayer

Chapin Manufacturing

The Chapin Home and Garden Sprayer are a value priced option for the homeowner. The 2-gallon poly tank comes with an ergonomic pump handle, poly wand with comfortable trigger shut-off, adjustable cone nozzle, and in-tank filter. For the quick and simple jobs around the house, this sprayer is compatible with common herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and general cleaners.

Product Specifications

Chapin Manufacturing
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
2 Gallon EA 839185

Additional Information

  • 2-gallon poly tank with in-tank filter
  • Compatible with common herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and cleaners
  • Ergonomic pump handle and comfortable trigger shut-off
  • adjustable cone nozzle
  • In-tank filter
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