Product Details

EZ Conceal Insect Station

VM Products Inc

The small, discrete and permanent insect monitoring device that keeps insects hidden on a glue board. This innovative insect station creates brand loyalty and permanent inspection points for the technician. Simply lift off the lid, insert the glue board and/or gel bait, then replace lid.

The station can be secured in any location with the foam backing. To mount the station, simply peel off the backing and place the station where you want it. Station will not move after set in place.

Insect monitoring with glue boards is an essential part of IPM. Insect glue monitors reduce the need for chemical until there is an active infection and when placed properly, allows the PMP to triangulate the harborage area for the roach. The Catchmaster 72CRM glue board is specifically designed to fit in mouse repeaters and perforated three times to create four EZ Conceal boards.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
10 Bag 837861

Target Pests:

Additional Information

  • Pre-attached double-sided foam makers attaching to any surface EZ.
  • Low-profile, covered station made to fit in tight spaces.
  • Uses the Catchmaster 72CRM glue board.
  • Can be placed flat on floors, walls or ceilings.
  • Great for residential or commercial accounts.
  • Glue board comes out with the lid for easy service while the base stays permanent.
  • Barcode attached to the lid makes scanning EZ.
  • Creates a seamless service for hard to reach places.
  • Glue board sinks into the base to create a deadfall for the insect.
  • Glue board included with initial purchase.
  • Packaged 10 per bag and 10 bags per box.