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There's unlimited opportunity to grow business in pest control - which is why Erin Monteagudo and Andrew Assir of Veseris are showing professionals how they can take advantage of game-changing ways to improve operations and earn more customers.

Every month, they'll sit down with expert guests in pest control technology, entomology, and business strategy to talk through products and services with huge potential for the way you operate and sell.  With business tips, market trends, and in-depth product advice, there's no better place to get a fresh perspective on how to succeed in the pest control industry.

008: Effective Ant Management

With Erin - Guest Tommy Powell
Struggling with ant infestations? In this episode, learn the tips and tricks you may have missed — plus product recommendations from an ant expert. This episode is sponsored by MGK.
Published 15 days ago

007: How to Avoid Termite Treatment Failure

With Erin - Guest Dr. Bob Davis
Could your business be suffering from ineffective termite treatments? In this episode, discover the most common treatment mistakes — and how to fix them. This episode is brought to you by BASF.
Published 2 months ago

006: How to Upsell Mosquito Control Along Your Routes

With Andrew - Guests TJ Shelby and Jason Crawford
Is your business equipped to meet the growing demand for mosquito services? In this episode, learn what these popular services entail — and how successful PMPs are using them to spur lasting growth. This episode is presented by MasterLine.
Published 3 months ago

005: Ways to Grow Your Business with Turf & Ornamental Services

With Andrew - Guests Bert Lopez and Saul Nunez
Turf and ornamental services are giving an increasing number of PMPs the opportunity to build business among new and existing customers. In this episode, you’ll learn why T&O is so promising, and how you can get started selling these services. This episode is brought to you by Bayer.
Published 4 months ago

004: The Must-Have Product for Managing Mosquitoes

With Erin - Guest Ted Worster
As warmer weather approaches, we’re discussing the product successful PMPs are using for mosquito management – and how it’s changing the way they do business. Learn their secret by listening in today. This episode is brought to you by In2Care.
Published 5 months ago

003: Why You Need to Make Training a Top Priority

With Erin and Andrew
Even as our industry faces uncertain times, your team can stay productive and prepared by staying on top of training. Join us as we discuss why successful PMPs are using online training to bolster their businesses. This episode is brought to you by FMC.
Published 6 months ago

002: How to Take Control of Your Inventory

With Andrew - Guest Doug Wyly
Our series continues with a close look at common inventory challenges — and how your team can overcome them. Join us and industry expert Doug Wyly as we discuss how Inventory Manager enables businesses to stay focused on growth. This episode is brought to you by APG.
Published 7 months ago

001: Taking Your Pest Control Career to the Next Level

With Erin - Guest Dr. Bob Davis
We're kicking off The PestWeb Podcast with our first episode on how to take your pest control career to the next level! Listen in to Dr. Bob Davis from BASF as he explains what the ACE Certification Program is and how PMPs can use it to get ahead. This episode is brought to you by BASF.
Published 8 months ago

About Our Hosts

Erin Monteagudo, MS, BCE

Technical Content/Training Specialist

With a master’s degree in entomology from the University of Florida and over 15 years of experience in the pest management industry, Erin brings deep expertise to every discussion.

Starting her career in 2004 as a regional entomologist for Western Pest Services, she later took her career to the New York metro area, where she became a field supervisor for Bell Environmental Services.

Having earned a board certification from the Entomological Society of America, Erin joined Univar in 2013 as Technical Content and Training Specialist. She’s been helping us keep PMPs educated and engaged with the latest in entomology ever since.

Andrew Assir

Senior Marketing Manager

Andrew brings some of the sharpest and most actionable business insights in the industry to our podcast.

After earning a BS in international business and finance from the University of Richmond, and an MBA from TCU, Andrew spent 15 years building a career in marketing and strategy.

For the past decade, he has earned recognition at Univar by carefully analyzing trends in the pest management industry and translating them into business value for Univar’s growth-minded customers. Now he’s ready to share his thoughts on the trajectory of the industry with you!

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