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Showing 12 types of MALLOW

Alkalki Sida

Latin Name: Sida Hederacea

Native to the United States and widespread in the west.

Bristly Mallow

Latin Name: Modiola Caroliniana

Native to tropical Americas, and widespread in California.

Common Mallow

Latin Name: Malva Neglecta

Native to Europe - widespread in United States.

Gray Globemallow

Latin Name: Sphaeralcea Incana

A native plant in the southwest states, occurring from Arizona to Texas.

Hairy Abutilon

Latin Name: Abutilon Grandifolium

Native to South America, but introduced to Hawaii

Little Mallow

Latin Name: Malva Parviflora

Native to Europe and Asia, now found widespread across the U.S., where it is less commmon than "Common" mallow.

Prickly Sida

Latin Name: Sida Spinosa

Native to tropical Latin America and southern United States, and found throughout the eastern half of the U.S. and west into Arizona. It also has been introduced to Hawaii as a common roadside weed.

Southern Sida

Latin Name: Sida Acuta

Native to the United States, and found from Texas along the Gulf States to South Carolina, as well as in a few Northeast states, Hawaii, and the West Indies. It is also in Central America and Africa.

Spurred Anoda

Latin Name: Anoda Cristata

A native of the southwest United States. Having spread throughout the west it now is a noxious weed in landscape, crops, ditch banks, and roadsides.

Threelobe False Mallow

Latin Name: Malvastrum Coromandelianum

Native to Latin America, and introduced to the southern United States and Hawaii. In the U.S mainland it occurs from Texas east to Florida, and sporadically north to Pennsylvania.


Latin Name: Abutilon Theophrasti

Native to southern Asia, but introduced to the United States as an ornamental plant and now found throughout the U.S., southern Canada, and into Latin America as an escape from cultivation.

Venice Mallow

Latin Name: Hibiscus Trionum

Native to Europe and Africa, but imported to North America where it now can be found in virtually all of the contiguous states. A state-listed noxious weed in several states.

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