Showing 13 types of MADDER

Brazil Pusley

Latin Name: Richardia Brasiliensis

Native to South America, and now found from Texas along the Gulf Coast and north to Virginia, as well as in Hawaii and Asia.

Bushy Buttonweed

Latin Name: Spermacoce Assurgens

Found in warm, humid climates of most continents, as well as Hawaii, the West Indies, and from Florida to Louisiana. Considered a native in the U.S., but also found throughout Latin America and in Asia.

Catchweed Bedstraw

Latin Name: Galium Aparine

Native to North America and widespread across the continent.

Common Buttonbush

Latin Name: Cephalanthus Occidentalis

Native to North America, and found throughout the eastern half of the country as well as in Arizona and California.

Field Madder

Latin Name: Sherardia Arvensis

A native of Europe.

Florida Pusley

Latin Name: Richardia Scabra

Considered native to South America, but found commonly in the southeast United States and into the northeast, in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and throughout Central America.

Marsh Bedstraw

Latin Name: Galium Tinctorium

Native to North America, and found throughout the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada, and west to Texas and possibly Arizona.

Old World Diamond Flower

Latin Name: Hedyotis Corymbosa

Native to Eurasia, but a serious turf problem in the United States from Texas to Florida, and in many other tropical regions of the world.


Latin Name: Diodia Teres

Native to North America, and found throughout the eastern half of the U.S. and into Canada, and along the southern states to California.

Tiny Bluet

Latin Name: Houstonia Pusilla

Native to North America, and found widely in nearly all states east of the Rocky Mountains with the exception of the extreme northern tier.

Virginia Buttonweed

Latin Name: Diodia Virginiana

Native to the United States, and found from Texas north to Illinois, east to the Atlantic coast and south to all the Gulf Coast states.

Wall Bedstraw

Latin Name: Galium Parisiense

Native to the Mediterranean region.

Whitehead Broom

Latin Name: Spermacoce Verticillata

Native to tropical America, this weed was introduced to the United States, where it now is found in Florida and Texas, as well as in the West Indies, Africa, and on Pacific islands.

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