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Showing 14 types of CARROT

Asiatic Pennywort

Latin Name: Centella Asiatica

Likely a native of tropical Asia, and now a common weed in Hawaii. It also is found in Oregon and Ohio.

Common Cowparsnip

Latin Name: Heracleum Maximum

Native to North America, and found throughout the United States with the exception of most southeastern states from Texas to Florida. Also found throughout Canada north to Alaska.

Common Fennel

Latin Name: Foeniculum Vulgare

Native to Europe, and introduced to California, where it now is extremely common as a roadside weed throughout central to southern California.

Coyote Thistle

Latin Name: Eryngium Spp.

Native to the western United States. There are several dozen species of native plants in this genus, many of which are rare and some of which are classified as Protected or Threatened species.

Erect Pennywort

Latin Name: Centella Erecta

Native to the southeastern United States, and found from Texas to Florida to Maryland, as well as in Oregon and Puerto Rico.

Floating Pennywort

Latin Name: Hydrocotyle Ranunculoides

Native to North America, and found from Washington south into northern Mexico, east through Texas and Oklahoma to the entire East Coast north to New York. It has escaped cultivation and use as an ornamental pond plant to become a noxious weed problem in Britain and Australia.

Many-flower Marsh Pennywort

Latin Name: Hydrocotyle Umbellata

Native to North and South America, and found throughout most of the eastern half of the U.S., as well as along the West Coast.

Marsh Pennywort

Latin Name: Hydrocotyle Spp.

Several varieties, some native to Europe and others native to the United States. They are found throughout the U.S.


Latin Name: Hydrocotyle Spp.

At least 15 species of Hydrocotyle occur in the United States and Hawaii, all very similar in appearance and habits. Most are native plants that occur primarily in warmer, more tropical climates.

Poison Hemlock

Latin Name: Conium Maculatum

A native of Europe, but now spread widely and commonly throughout the United States and southern Canada.

Spotted Water-hemlock

Latin Name: Cicuta Maculata

Native to North America and found throughout much of the United States and southern Canada.

Wild Caraway

Latin Name: Carum Carvi

Introduced from Europe, and now an escape from cultivation in the western United States.

Wild Carrot

Latin Name: Daucus Carota

Native to Europe and introduced as a garden plant. It escaped cultivation and is now a common and problem weed throughout North America.

Wild Celery

Latin Name: Apium Leptophyllum

Native to South America, and now found widespread in the western states, southeast to Florida and the West Indies.

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