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Showing 10 types of GOOSEFOOT

Bracted Saltbush

Latin Name: Atriplex Seranana

A native plant in California and Nevada, especially in saline soils.

Common Lambsquarters

Latin Name: Chenopodium Album

Native to Europe, and now an extremely common weed throughout the United States.

Fivehook Bassia

Latin Name: Bassia Hyssopifolia

Native to Europe and Asia, now widespread in California.


Latin Name: Sarcobatus Vermiculatus

Native to North America, and found throughout the western half of the U.S. and into the prairie provinces in Canada.

Jerusalem Oak Goosefoot

Latin Name: Chenopodium Botrys

A native of Europe and Asia, now widespread in the western U.S., infesting croplands and non-croplands.


Latin Name: Kochia Scoparia

Native to Eurasia, this plant was introduced to North America and now is found in nearly every state, with the exception of the extreme southeast.


Latin Name: Chenopodium Ambrosioides

Native to Tropical America, now widely distributed in the United States.

Netseed Lambsquarters

Latin Name: Chenopodium Berlandieri

Native to Europe, and now established in the western United States.

Nettleleaf Goosefoot

Latin Name: Chenopodium Murale

Native to Europe, but naturalized and now widespread in North America.

Russian Thistle

Latin Name: Salsola Tragus

Native to Eurasia, but introduced to the United States from Russia in sacks of flaxseed, that spilled along railways as it was transported, spreading the weed throughout the western U.S.

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