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Showing 4 types of FOXTAIL

Bristly Foxtail

Latin Name: Setaria Verticillata

Native to Europe, Asia, and Africa, introduced to the United States from Europe.

Green Foxtail

Latin Name: Setaria Viridis

Native to Europe, now common throughout much of the United States, especially in cooler climates. A particular problem in alfalfa fields, but also occurring in other row crops, along roadsides, waste areas, and in landscape.

Knotroot Foxtail

Latin Name: Setaria Geniculata

Native to the United States, where it is found throughout the country from coast to coast, and into South America.

Yellow Foxtail

Latin Name: Setaria Glauca

Native to Eurasia, but an important weed species in cultivated areas throughout the world, including much of the United States.

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