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Showing 6 types of OXALIS

Buttercup Oxalis

Latin Name: Oxalis Pes-caprae

Native to South Africa, and introduced to the United States as a garden plant, from which it has escaped cultivation to become a common weed pest in both landscape and agriculture. Found throughout the United States and into the West Indies.

Creeping Woodsorrel

Latin Name: Oxalis Corniculata

Native to Europe, but widespread throughout the United States, and a severe problem in turf and landscape, nurseries and greenhouses, as well as some cultivated crops.

Cuban Purple Woodsorrel

Latin Name: Oxalis Latifolia

Native to the West Indies, and present sporadically in the United States in Florida, California, and New Mexico.

Pink Woodsorrel

Latin Name: Oxalis Martiana

Native to tropical South America, but introduced to other areas as a garden plant. It is found in California, New Mexico, and Hawaii in the U.S.

Red Oxalis

Latin Name: Oxalis Rubra

Native to South America, but introduced as an ornamental plant, and now escaped from cultivation to be an invasive weed in California, and from Texas east to Florida and north to Virginia. Generally found around urban areas.

Yellow Woodsorrel

Latin Name: Oxalis Stricta

Native to Europe but distributed throughout the world.

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