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Showing 3 types of CASHEW OR SUMAC

Brazilian Pepper

Latin Name: Schinus Terebinthifolius

Introduced to the United States from South America as a garden ornamental and source of spice, and now found from Florida west to Texas, possibly common and invasive in some areas. It now can be found in disturbed areas and waste sites, older fields, and even in native areas where it competes with native plants.

Pacific Poison Oak

Latin Name: Toxicodendron Diversilobum

Native to the United States - spread throughout the western United States, and replaced by Toxicodendron radicans - Poison Ivy - in the eastern half of the country.

Staghorn Sumac

Latin Name: Rhus Typhina

A native shrub or tree that is found throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada, and west in a few states to Utah.

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