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Pest Information

Broom Sedge

Broom Sedge

  • Latin Name: Carex Scoparia
  • Common Name: Broom Sedge
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Broom Sedge
Broom Sedge
Broom Sedge


Native to North America, and found throughout the United States and Canada.


A perennial sedge that reproduces from seeds. This species has a high moisture need and is found most commonly in damp to semi-aquatic habitats, along roadsides, ditch banks, in swampy locations and along the margins of ponds and lakes.


Mature plants tend to form clumps or bunches, and their spread over an area is slow. They grow to around 2.5 feet in height, with numerous long, narrow leaf blades. The seed heads form at the end of a long stalk, with several compact clusters of seeds grouped tightly along the end of this stalk. One or two long, thin leaves may arise from the base of the seed head pointing out diagonally upward from that point.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control of excessive moisture will reduce the growth of this plant. Control may be effective with a systemic, non-selective herbicide, or a selective herbicide labeled for use on sedges.

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