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Pest Information

Lemon Bacopa

Lemon Bacopa

  • Latin Name: Bacopa Caroliniana
  • Common Name: Lemon Bacopa
  • Other Names: Blue waterhyssop

Pest Details

Lemon Bacopa
Lemon Bacopa


Native to the U.S., and found commonly throughout Florida and in surrounding states.


This is an aquatic, immersed plant that is found in shallow water locations. It spreads easily by rhizomes and can cover wide areas. When crushed the leaves give off a lemony scent.


Mature plants may be short or very elongated, depending on the depth of the water in which they grow. Foliage is green and fleshy, with small, round leaves that are arranged opposite along the stems in a very crowded manner. Flowers occur at the ends of the stems on very short stalks, appearing almost tucked into the terminal leaves. Flowers have 4 or 5 oval, blue petals.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Permanent, standing water is required for the growth of these plants, so control of water sources will reduce the presence of the plant where they are undesirable.

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