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Pest Information



  • Latin Name: Pontederia cordata
  • Common Name: Pickerelweed
  • Other Names: Wampee

Pest Details



A native plant in the United States, and found throughout the eastern half of the country and into Canada and Mexico.


This is an aquatic plant, growing in shallow waters with its roots in the soil and the foliage above water level. It often is planted as an ornamental in artificial lakes, ponds, or containers, but becomes invasive over the years and can block the flow of water in irrigation ditches or canals. It is a perennial that reproduces from seeds, and also may spread by broken pieces of the stems.


Plants are upright and may grow over 6 feet in height. Stems are thick and fleshy and terminate with the very large, showy raceme of bluish-purple flowers. Several dozen flowers may be on each raceme, and these are bell-shaped with prominent yellow stamens in their centers. The leaves grow primarily from the base of the plant, on very long, thick stalks. The 12 inch long leaves are elongated and heart-shaped, and are very thick and smooth.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A systemic herbicide will be effective in controlling these weeds where they are not wanted. Physical removal of the dead plants may be needed to open the water course to water movement.

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