Pest Information

Common Water-plantain

Common Water-plantain

  • Latin Name: Alisma Plantago-aquatica
  • Common Name: Common Water-plantain
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Common Water-plantain
Common Water-plantain
Common Water-plantain


Native to North America and found from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts in temperate climates.


An aquatic perennial growing in ditches, marshes and ponds, and in rice fields. Reproduction is from seeds.


Mature plants may grow over 4 feet tall, with several to many leaf stalks arising from the bulbous base, along with a single, or sometimes two, flower stalks. The flower stalks are leafless and grow much taller than the surrounding leaves. Leaves are broad, spade-like, and up to 8 inches long, but are shorter than their stalks. Flower stalks are heavily branched at their tops, with these thin branches having further divisions of whorls of long stalks, giving the overall flowering structure a very open, well branched appearance. Flowers grow at the tips of the stalks, with white to pinkish petals around a large, green center. Flowers may be less than ½ inch in diameter.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A perennial plant with a strong root system that resists physical removal.

DSV 728x90 Mar2020