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Pest Information

Nodding Stipa

Nodding Stipa

  • Latin Name: Nassella Cernua
  • Common Name: Nodding Stipa
  • Other Names: Nodding needlegrass

Pest Details

Nodding Stipa
Nodding Stipa
Nodding Stipa
Nodding Stipa


A native grass in the western United States, and also in Hawaii.


A perennial grass that grows in thick bunches and clumps, and which is highly drought tolerant and used for reclamation efforts. Reproduction is from seeds.


Plants form thick clumps with many dozens of stems, which are narrow but grow erect to about 1.5 feet in length. Several long, thin leaves arise from the stem at well separated intervals. Flower heads are produced at the ends of the stems and as the flowers grow their weight causes the stem to bend over, giving it the common name. Each flower is equipped with an extremely long, narrow awn with a rough texture to it.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A native grass that is not considered a weed concern.

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