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Pest Information

Fetid Passionflower

Fetid Passionflower

  • Latin Name: Passiflora Foetida
  • Common Name: Fetid Passionflower
  • Other Names: Scarlet fruited passionflower, Love in-a-mist

Pest Details

Fetid Passionflower
Fetid Passionflower
Fetid Passionflower
Fetid Passionflower


Native to tropical New World areas, such as Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the southeast U.S., where it is present in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and even in Maryland, possibly cultivated as an ornamental. It also is found in the Hawaiian Islands.


An annual vine that propagates from seeds, found commonly in dry areas along roadsides and wastelands. Vines grow rapidly during wet periods, quickly growing over surrounding areas and plants nearby, using tendrils to attach to other objects. When crushed or cut the leaves have an objectionable odor.


Most noticeable may be the bright red seed capsules that turn from green to red as they mature. The seed pod is round and about 1 inch in diameter, and surrounded by a lacey web of plant tissue. Leaves are about 1.5 inches long and broadly shaped with 3 lobes, occurring widely spaced along the trailing stems. Tendrils emerge from each leave base as well.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of the plants prior to seed maturation will help stop the spread of the vines and new seed production, as well as remove these invasive plants from other desirable plants. Vines growing over bare areas can be treated with a contact or systemic herbicide, but if growing on desirable plants should be physically removed. A pre-emergent herbicide can be helpful in stopping new plant germination.

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