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Pest Information

Paleseed Plantain

Paleseed Plantain

  • Latin Name: Plantago Virginica
  • Common Name: Paleseed Plantain
  • Other Names: Southern plantain

Pest Details

Paleseed Plantain
Paleseed Plantain


Native to the United States, and found from Atlantic to Pacific coasts, south into Mexico, north into Canada, Hawaii, the West Indies and Japan.


A winter annual, producing flower spikes by mid spring and reproducing from seeds.


Mature plants generally are small with shorter flower spikes than some other plantains. Leaves are very similar to Broadleaf plantain, as wide leaves forming a flat rosette around the base. Leaves are covered with fine hairs and their margins are either slightly toothed or smooth. The flower stalks grow out from the base at an angle and then curve upward, growing only 4 to 6 inches long. They are without leaves, and the spike itself is densely packed with the flower bracts and remains green.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Highly tolerant of dry, compacted soils. A strong taproot makes physical removal difficult.

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