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Pest Information

Iris-leafed Rush

Iris-leafed Rush

  • Latin Name: Juncus Xiphioides
  • Common Name: Iris-leafed Rush
  • Other Names: Iris leaf rush

Pest Details

Iris-leafed Rush
Iris-leafed Rush
Iris-leafed Rush


A native of North America, and found along the Pacific Coast from Canada south to Mexico and east to New Mexico.


A perennial that reproduces from seeds, and spreads with rhizomes. This is a common plant in wet places and creek banks, especially where its growth is not disturbed routinely. It generally is not a problem plant.


Mature plants can grow to 3 feet high, with stout stems that are noticeably flattened, and flattened leaves that are grass-like and up to 16 inches long. The flowering heads are a panicle of many lateral, short and up to 20 flowers in each grouping. These are seedlike and green to brownish, with pointed tips.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Not generally needing control in natural settings, but if its growth interferes with water flow the plant can be controlled with a systemic non-selective herbicide.

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