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Pest Information

Bog Muhly

Bog Muhly

  • Latin Name: Muhlenbergia Uniflora
  • Common Name: Bog Muhly
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Bog Muhly
Bog Muhly
Bog Muhly


A native grass in North America, occurring in the extreme northeast and north central states and in southeastern Canada.


A perennial grass which grows best in soils with high moisture content, and common in poorly drained roadside areas, ditch banks, and in marshy areas. Reproduction is from seeds, and spread also is due to rhizomes.


Mature plants may grow to around 1.2 feet in height, the majority of this due to the long stalks on which the flower heads occur. Stems and leaves are sparsely covered with long, soft hairs. Leaf blades are short and wide, and tend to grow in a bunch-like habit around the base of the plant, with some branching above. The flower head is open and well branched, with branchlets terminating in a single flower and seed. This is a very small, oval, and reddish capsule.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control of moisture in the soil where possible will discourage the growth of this plant. Chemical control can be effective with a systemic selective or non-selective herbicide.

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