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Pest Information

Spurred Anoda

Spurred Anoda

  • Latin Name: Anoda Cristata
  • Common Name: Spurred Anoda
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Spurred Anoda
Spurred Anoda
Spurred Anoda


A native of the southwest United States. Having spread throughout the west it now is a noxious weed in landscape, crops, ditch banks, and roadsides.


An annual broadleaf weed. Seeds germinate in early spring and plants mature throughout the summer.


Mature plants become very bushy and spreading, either erect or somewhat prostrate due to weak stems that may bend due to the weight of the foliage. Many branches from the base, and growing up to 3.5 feet tall. Stems are pink to reddish in color. Leaves are sharply lance shaped and lobed, with a very broad base and a long stalk. They occur alternately on the stem and may be 3 inches long. Flowers arise from the leaf axils and are solitary, on long stalks, and are purplish-red in color. As the flower matures the fruit forms the typical shape for this family, of a large flattened wheel.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

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