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Pest Information

Common Elodea

Common Elodea

  • Latin Name: Elodea canadensis
  • Common Name: Common Elodea
  • Other Names: Elodea

Pest Details


Several species of this plant are present in the United States, and most are native to North America.


These aquatic weeds are perennials that reproduce from seeds, but can spread quickly from broken bits of the stems. They have the potential to be extremely invasive, forming mats that block the flow of water in creeks, ditches or canals.


Plants are submerged aquatic plants, growing with very long, brittle stems that point in the direction of the water flow. They are rooted at the soil. Stems branch frequently. Leaves are oval, short, and usually arranged as a whorl of several leaves, sometimes only 2 leaves opposite along the stems. Very small, inconspicuous flowers grow within the leaf axils.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

An aquatic labeled contact herbicide will effectively kill these submerged weeds, such as diquat or a copper based product. Where dense growth occurs it may be necessary to physically remove the dying plants.

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