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Pest Information

Knotroot Foxtail

Knotroot Foxtail

  • Latin Name: Setaria Geniculata
  • Common Name: Knotroot Foxtail
  • Other Names: Perennial pigeongrass, perennial foxtail

Pest Details

Knotroot Foxtail
Knotroot Foxtail
Knotroot Foxtail


Native to the United States, where it is found throughout the country from coast to coast, and into South America.


A perennial grass found in all soil conditions, from canal banks to roadsides and orchards. It is not generally found where cultivation is done. Propagation is from seeds, but regrowth each year is from rhizomes.


Mature plants may be as tall as 3.5 feet. Stems are erect, and arise from the crown area or from short rhizomes, giving it a bunchy appearance. Leaf blades are narrow, only 1/8 inch wide, and are stiff. Flower heads are long spikes at the ends of the stems, up to 5 inches long and densely packed with spikelets. They are similar to yellow and green foxtail but tend to be much more slender.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A perennial grass. Foliage dies in the winter and regrowth is from seeds or rhizomes and rootstock.

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