Nisus Univar DominAnt 120x600 June2020

Pest Information



  • Latin Name: Campsis Radicans
  • Common Name: Trumpet-creeper
  • Other Names: Cow-itch plant

Pest Details



Native to the eastern half of the United States, but sold as a landscape ornamental and now found throughout the U.S.


A perennial woody vine or shrub that quickly grows over the tops of other plants or trails along the ground. Its showy orange flowers make it an attractive landscape plant along fences and arbors, but it grows so quickly that frequent pruning is needed to keep it in control. It is deciduous, but new leaves emerge in the spring with profuse flowering in early to late summer. Flowers are highly attractive to hummingbirds and bees. Reproduction is by seeds, root sprouts, or by rooting at the nodes of the stems where they contact the ground.


Plants grow vine-like and thick, eventually forming complete cover over the tops of whatever they grow on. Stems are woody and strong, and aerial roots emerge along them to aid in the climbing. Leaves are pinnately compound and up to a foot long, divided completely into 7 to 11 elongate leaflets arranged opposite each other along the mid-vein, and a single terminal leaflet. These have toothed margins. Flowers are large, bright orange and showy, in a trumpet shape with a throat over 3 inches deep. Seeds form with long, thick pods and have wings on them to aid in dispersal.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Plants aggressively climb, and can produce new growth from rootstock.

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