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Pest Information

Desert Rock Purslane

Desert Rock Purslane

  • Latin Name: Calandrinia ciliata
  • Common Name: Desert Rock Purslane
  • Other Names: Red maids

Pest Details

Desert Rock Purslane
Desert Rock Purslane
Desert Rock Purslane


Native to western North America, and found along the Pacific Coast into Arizona, and south into northern Mexico.


An annual plant that matures and flowers in early spring, preferring moist locations. Dense stands may become a problem in cultivated fields, and it also occurs in landscape settings.


Mature plants are low and spreading, potentially growing to almost a foot in diameter with a multitude of long, narrow leaves growing out from the central base. Leaves are thick and somewhat fleshy. The colorful flowers grow from the axils of the upper leaves, with showy petals that typically are bright violet-red or sometimes white. There are 5 petals and long, prominent stamens are at the center.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Moist areas are favored.

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