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Pest Information

Big-head Rush

Big-head Rush

  • Latin Name: Juncus Megacephalus
  • Common Name: Big-head Rush
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Big-head Rush
Big-head Rush
Big-head Rush


Native to the southeastern United States, where it occurs from Texas to Florida, and north to Maryland.


A perennial plant that requires high moisture habitats. Reproduction is from seeds, and plants will also spread through rhizomes and from segments of the roots. Generally this plant will be found in marshy areas and bogs.


Mature plants may reach up to 3 feet tall, with a tall central stalk that terminates in the flower heads. These are fairly large and round, occurring in small groups of two or three or singly, and attached to the stem without a stalk. They may occur from the middle of the plant to the top. Foliage is sparse, with thin, round leaves, and both leaves and stems have a rough texture.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Reduction of moisture where plants are not desired. A systemic non-selective herbicide will be effective where control is needed.

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