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Pest Information

Female Fluvellin

Female Fluvellin

  • Latin Name: Kickxia Spuria
  • Common Name: Female Fluvellin
  • Other Names: Roundleaf fluvellin

Pest Details

Female Fluvellin
Female Fluvellin
Female Fluvellin


Native to Europe and now a weed pest in much of California.


A perennial weed that has foliage dying back in the winter, with regrowth from roots. Propagation is also by seeds


Plants are prostrate and can form dense mats over 3 feet across, with numerous stems growing from the central base. Stems and leaves are noticeably hairy, and the leaves of this plant are oval to rounded, separating it from Sharp-point fluvellin which has arrowhead shaped leaves. The leaves are alternate along the trailing stems, and have short stalks. Flowers are small and irregularly shaped, and with a long, thin spur about 3/16 inch long arising from it. Petals are yellow and purple.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

This may sometimes be an annual but usually a perennial plant. Physical removal is effective is sufficient root is removed. Plants grow low enough that they tolerate close mowing in turf.

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