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Pest Information

Littleseed Canarygrass

Littleseed Canarygrass

  • Latin Name: Phalaris Minor
  • Common Name: Littleseed Canarygrass
  • Other Names: Canary grass, Mediterranean canarygrass

Pest Details

Littleseed Canarygrass
Littleseed Canarygrass
Littleseed Canarygrass


Native to the Mediterranean region. Widespread in the southwest United States.


A winter annual grass weed. Grows in many row crops and grain crops as a serious pest. Seeds germinate from late fall to mid-winter, and plants mature in late spring to early summer. Seed head production occurs in the spring.


Mature plant may grow to over 3 feet tall, or be more compact and under 12 inches. Stems grow upward, often with a distinct bend at the lower nodes, and branching occurs at the base of the plant. Leaf blades may be 6 inches long and only ΒΌ inch wide, arising at intervals along the stem. The leaves may be flat, or appear somewhat folded. The flower head forms at the end of the stalk as a very thick, oblong shape up to 4 inches long. The spikelets are crowded together, and somewhat sharp-pointed at their ends.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Early winter germination of seeds.

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