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Pest Information

Common Rye

Common Rye

  • Latin Name: Secale Cereale
  • Common Name: Common Rye
  • Other Names: Cereal rye, cultivated rye

Pest Details

Common Rye
Common Rye
Common Rye


A native of Asia this grass was introduced as a forage plant in the United States. It is now found throughout North America to Alaska, and south into Latin America.


An annual grass, or sometimes a biennial, that reproduces from seeds. It easily escapes cultivation and has become an invasive weed in other crops and grains, along roadsides, rangeland, and disturbed sites.


Mature plants can grow to almost 4 feet in height, with multiple erect stems. Most leaves are from the base of the plant, with leaves growing from the stem as well. Leaves are open and flat and up to 3/8 inch wide, with a rough texture. The flower head is a terminal, compact spike that is up to 4 or 5 inches long. It is slightly flattened, with individual flowers alternating along its length. Very short awns are present.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Pre-emergent control is effective when the product is applied prior to seed germination. Post-emergent control can be effective with a contact or systemic herbicide.

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