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Pest Information

Smallflower Geranium

Smallflower Geranium

  • Latin Name: Geranium pusillum
  • Common Name: Smallflower Geranium
  • Other Names: Small-flower cranesbill

Pest Details

Smallflower Geranium
Smallflower Geranium


Native to Europe, and found throughout the United States and southern Canada.


A biennial weed that reproduces from seeds. A problem weed in turf and landscape, where its prostrate growth may tolerate mowing.


Mature plants may be over 2 feet in diameter, growing as a prostrate, circular mat with stems coming from the central base of the plant. Stems are thin and slightly hairy, and are green to reddish. Leaves are circular around a central point, and are deeply lobed, but not as deeply as Carolina Geranium. Leaves are dark green and covered with short hairs. Flowers grow in clusters of several flowers at the ends of long stalks, and are red-violet to pink. The flower head does not have the long spike or awn of Carolina Geranium.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Biennial plants that will be present in the winter.

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