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Pest Information

Alkalki Sida

Alkalki Sida

  • Latin Name: Sida Hederacea
  • Common Name: Alkalki Sida
  • Other Names: Alkali mallow, dollar weed, creeping mallow, star mallow, white mallow, whiteweed

Pest Details

Alkalki Sida
Alkalki Sida


Native to the United States and widespread in the west.


Perennial – may grow from seeds that germinate in early spring, or re-grow from its rootstock.


Low growing or prostrate, and usually no more than 10 inches tall, but with a diameter spreading to 3 feet. Leaves are rounded with wavy margins, up to 2 inches wide, and a gray-green color and densely hairy. Short leaf stalks only up to 1 inch long, and also very hairy. Small flowers are white, and grow on short stalks from the base of the leaves, either as single flowers or in small clusters.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Infests any disturbed land – cultivated land, orchards, roadsides, waste lots, street areas.

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