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Pest Information

Sharppoint Fluvellin

Sharppoint Fluvellin

  • Latin Name: Kickxia Elatine
  • Common Name: Sharppoint Fluvellin
  • Other Names: Fluvellin, cancerwort, sharpleaf cancerwort, fluellin

Pest Details

Sharppoint Fluvellin
Sharppoint Fluvellin


Native to Europe, but introduced to the U.S., where it now is found along the West Coast and throughout the eastern half of the country.


Annual weed, growing as a prostrate, creeping plant. Particularly a problem in sandy soils, including nursery stock. Seeds germinate throughout the spring, flowering and seed production in the summer months.


Very low growing with many branches coming from a central point. Leaves are alternate on the stem, usually less than 1 inch long, broadly oval and pointed. They are light bluish green, very hairy, and somewhat sticky. Flowers are very small, yellow with purple lips, and are borne singly on thin stalks arising at the leaf axils.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

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