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Pest Information

Sand Pigmyweed

Sand Pigmyweed

  • Latin Name: Crassula connata
  • Common Name: Sand Pigmyweed
  • Other Names: Tillaea, pigmyweed

Pest Details

Sand Pigmyweed
Sand Pigmyweed
Sand Pigmyweed


Native to Chile and now widely distributed along the west coast in California and Oregon.


An annual that prefers sandy or gravel soils, and a problem in landscape areas with constant irrigation. Reproduction is from seeds that germinate in late winter, and plants mature by mid-spring.


Mature plants are small and compact, with many stems coming from the basal area and multiple branching of the stems. The stems and leaves are small and have a fleshy feel, with foliage turning reddish as it matures. The leaves are tiny and closely joined on the stem, and they are oval to elongate, only 1/8 inch long. The tiny green flowers arise from the axils of the leaves.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Sandy soils with constant moisture availability are preferred.

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