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Pest Information

Rabbitfoot Polypogon

Rabbitfoot Polypogon

  • Latin Name: Polypogon Monspeliensis
  • Common Name: Rabbitfoot Polypogon
  • Other Names: Rabbitfoot grass, annual beard grass, beard grass, tawny beard grass

Pest Details

Rabbitfoot Polypogon
Rabbitfoot Polypogon


Native to southern and western Europe, now widespread in the United States.


A winter annual grass, found on roadsides, pastures, turf, and winter row crops, and very commonly in damp situations along irrigation or drainage ditches. Seeds germinate in the fall to mid-winter, and plants mature from late spring to early summer. At high elevations the seeds do not germinate until spring.


Mature plant grows from 6 inches to 2 feet tall, and is a yellowish green color. Leaf blades are narrow and flat, and up to around 8 inches long. Where the leaf base forms a sheath around the stem there is a distinct ligule that may be over ½ inch long, and pointed. The flower head forms a very soft, silky panicle that may be over 6 inches long and over 1 inch wide, with long, fine whitish-gray to reddish bristles. The head is made up of many dozens of spikelets, crowded together to form the dense head.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Early seed germination, moist areas encourage its growth.

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