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Swamp Pricklegrass

Swamp Pricklegrass

  • Latin Name: Crypsis Schoenoides
  • Common Name: Swamp Pricklegrass
  • Other Names: False timothy, swamp timothy, swampgrass

Pest Details

Swamp Pricklegrass
Swamp Pricklegrass
Swamp Pricklegrass
Swamp Pricklegrass


Native to Eurasia and Africa, but now occurring in the western U.S. from Arizona to Idaho and along the Pacific Coast.


An annual grass that reproduces from seeds. Found in areas where soil remains wet much of the year, as along margins of water courses or ponds, swamps, meadows, etc. Used as a forage grass for livestock.


A distinctive grass that forms matlike plants with decumbent stems that grow parallel to the soil, and then turn sharply upward to produce the flower stalks. A number of stems arise from the base of the plant, growing to less than 1 foot in length. The base of the leaf hugs the stem, and leaves are flattened and slightly hairy. The flower heads also are very distinctive, with a dense growth of florets from 1 to 3 inches long. The stamens extend from each flower to give the overall soft look to the flower head.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Not a particular problem, given its normal habitats in wetlands. If control is needed it may be tilled prior to seed maturation, or a contact or systemic herbicide will be effective. Due to the prostrate habit mowing may not be effective.

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