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Pest Information

Red Oxalis

Red Oxalis

  • Latin Name: Oxalis Rubra
  • Common Name: Red Oxalis
  • Other Names: Rosy oxalis

Pest Details

Red Oxalis
Red Oxalis
Red Oxalis
Red Oxalis


Native to South America, but introduced as an ornamental plant, and now escaped from cultivation to be an invasive weed in California, and from Texas east to Florida and north to Virginia. Generally found around urban areas.


A perennial weed that reproduces from seeds and has a thick, woody, tuber-like root. Plants are essentially without stems, but have many leaves arising from the base of the plant on long, stem-like stalks. This can be an invasive weed in turf and landscape settings.


Mature plants stay low and spreading, with leaf stalks rising up to 10 inches tall, and terminating with one to many flowers. The flowers are violet, reddish, or sometimes white, with 5 petals attached at their bases to form a cuplike base. The leaves are divided into 3 heart-shaped leaflets that are attached at a central point, and usually these leaflets are strongly drooping.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Chemical control will require a systemic herbicide, and since this is a common weed in turf a broadleaf systemic will be needed.

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