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Pest Information

Chinese Violet

Chinese Violet

  • Latin Name: Asystasia Gangetica
  • Common Name: Chinese Violet
  • Other Names: Philippine violet, coromandel

Pest Details

Chinese Violet
Chinese Violet
Chinese Violet


A native of Asia, now present in Florida, Hawaii, and the West Indies.


A perennial weed that reproduces from seeds that are spread by the explosive splitting of the seed pods, as well as by human transport. The plant can regenerate rapidly from the seeds or from basal shoots if the foliage only is killed, and spread also is by rhizomes. This weed has become a serious invasive plant on several Hawaiian Islands.


Mature plants grow in a shrubby habit to over 3 feet in height, but can also grow almost vine-like over the tops of other vegetation to almost 10 feet in height, smothering the other vegetation with a dense cover. The stems are thin and slightly woody, with branching. The leaves are oval to almost heart-shaped, with a very broad base and a pointed tip, and they occur on long stalks. The flowers are purple to white to yellow, and are tube-shaped and almost 2 inches long. The seed capsule is over an inch in length.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control will require a systemic herbicide to kill the roots of the plant.

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