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Pest Information

Common Catsear

Common Catsear

  • Latin Name: Hypochaeris Radicata
  • Common Name: Common Catsear
  • Other Names: False dandelion

Pest Details

Common Catsear
Common Catsear
Common Catsear
Common Catsear


A native of Europe, this weed is now found throughout much of the U.S. and southern Canada.


A perennial weed that reproduces from seeds, forming clumps of many stems and flower heads. It is a common weed along roadsides, in vacant lots and disturbed sites, in landscape and fields, and many other habitats.


Mature plants can grow to 2 feet tall, with extremely long, slender stems terminating with the bright yellow, dandelion-like flowers. Leaves are formed as a basal rosette, and they are up to 8 inches long, covered with rough hairs, and either toothed or lobed. Flower heads occur singly at the tip of the stems, with open ray flowers expanding to about 1.5 inches in diameter and a wide central disc area.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of individual plants in landscape is effective, especially prior to the maturation of the seeds. In turf a selective broadleaf, systemic herbicide will be effective, and use of a pre-emergent herbicide will prevent the numerous seeds from germinating.

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