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Pest Information

Giant Whitetop

Giant Whitetop

  • Latin Name: Rhynchospora Latifolia
  • Common Name: Giant Whitetop
  • Other Names: Sandswamp whitetop

Pest Details

Giant Whitetop
Giant Whitetop


Native to the southeast United States, and occurring from Texas and Oklahoma east to Florida and North Carolina.


A perennial plant reproducing from seeds and spreading also by rhizomes. Common in very moist soils along roadside or open fields, and along the margins of wooded areas. It is a protected plant species in the state of Tennessee.


One of the distinctive sedges in which the upper leaves that arise as a whorl at the top of the stem are white with green tips. These are flattened and very wide at their base, and droop almost at a 90 degree angle, hanging several inches below the top of the plant. The flower head is a large, tight cluster of flattened spikes sitting on the end of the stem without a stalk. They are white turning to brown as they mature.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Generally this plant is not a pest problem and no control measures are needed.

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