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Pest Information

Southwestern Cupgrass

Southwestern Cupgrass

  • Latin Name: Eriochloa Gracilis
  • Common Name: Southwestern Cupgrass
  • Other Names: Cupgrass, wiregrass, summer grass

Pest Details

Southwestern Cupgrass
Southwestern Cupgrass


Native to the southwestern United States.


A summer annual grass that is found in widely varying habitats of crop and non-crop settings. Reproduction is from seeds, and propagation may also be by roots that form at the nodes of the prostrate stems, where they touch the soil.


Mature plants may grow to 3 feet tall, but are sparse and open, with relatively few stems. It is bright green and the stems and leaves do not have coverings of hairs. The flower heads may be as long as 10 inches, is noticeably hairy, and is composed of numerous short branches that are 1 to 2 inches long. Individual seeds are relatively large, and are flattened on the inside and rounded on the outside, giving them the appearance of cupping around the stem. The seed is pointed at the end.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Reproduction is only from seed.

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