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Pest Information

Bunchberry Dogwood

Bunchberry Dogwood

  • Latin Name: Cornus Canadensis
  • Common Name: Bunchberry Dogwood
  • Other Names: Creeping dogwood, dwarf cornel, cracker-berry, pudding-berry

Pest Details

Bunchberry Dogwood
Bunchberry Dogwood


Native to North America, and found throughout the northern states, throughout Canada and into Alaska.


A perennial plant that grows very low and potentially in widespread mats over the soil in forested habitats. It is not generally a problem as its growth is usually restricted to undisturbed forests. Reproduction is from seeds, but growth and spread is rapid from rhizomes as well.


Mature plants generally stay below 6 inches in height, with six or more large, spade shaped leaves spaced so closely along the short stem that they appear to be arranged in whorls. The leaves are dark green, with smooth surfaces and margins, and with the veins prominently depressed on the upper surface. The single flower grows from the center of the plant on a short stalk, and has 4 large white petals that surround the enlarging seed cluster. The seeds mature to large, round, red berry-like pods.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

There is no need to control this native woodland plant.

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