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Pest Information

Meadow Beauty

Meadow Beauty

  • Latin Name: Rhexia cubensis
  • Common Name: Meadow Beauty
  • Other Names: West Indian meadow beauty

Pest Details

Meadow Beauty
Meadow Beauty
Meadow Beauty


Native to the southeastern states of the U.S.


Considered a protected species of wildflower in Florida and North Carolina, this annual plant reproduces by seed. It can be found in many moist habitats including roadsides and meadows, as well as on disturbed sites.


Mature plants are tall and somewhat spindly, with a single, thin, hairy stem terminating in a single flower. Leaves are very narrow and elongate and opposite along the stem, with short side branches arising from the leaf axils, and these may also produce a terminal flower. The flower is a large, showy, open flower with 4 bright pink petals and a grouping of very long stamens arising from the center.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control is not needed for this wildflower.

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