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Pest Information

Common Spiderwort

Common Spiderwort

  • Latin Name: Tradescantia Ohiensis
  • Common Name: Common Spiderwort
  • Other Names: Bluejacket, Ohio spiderwort

Pest Details

Common Spiderwort
Common Spiderwort


Native to North America, and found in all states east of the Mississippi River as well as from Nebraska south to Texas and in eastern Canada.


A perennial plant that may grow to 2 feet high as an erect, tufted plant. A very common roadside weed, also found in turf and landscape, in ditches, and in disturbed waste areas. Reproduction is from seeds, and plants may spread by sections of fragmented roots.


The stems are thick and fleshy, with smooth texture. The leaves are very long and grass-like, alternate on the stem, and drooping downward, and the many leaves can give a somewhat bushy look to the plant. Flowering is early spring into the summer, and the showy blue flowers have 3 petals and occur in small groupings at the ends of the stems.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

In turf a selective broadleaf systemic herbicide will be needed for post-emergent control, and a pre-emergent herbicide will help prevent the spread of the weed from seeds. Hand removal will be ineffective, as plants easily re-grow from broken roots.

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