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Pest Information

Dovefoot Geranium

Dovefoot Geranium

  • Latin Name: Geranium molle
  • Common Name: Dovefoot Geranium
  • Other Names: Dove’s foot cranesbill, dove’s foot geranium

Pest Details


A native of Europe, now widespread in North America.


Most commonly an annual broadleaf plant, on rare occasions a biennial. Often a pest weed in orchards and vineyards, pastures, in lawns and gardens, and in uncultivated places. Prefers dry, sandy, nutrient-poor soils.


Mature plant tends to be prostrate, with main stems lying on the ground and the ends curving upward. When growing among other plants, however, the plant may grow more erect and upward. Leaves are similar to Carolina Geranium but not nearly as deeply lobed. They are, however, lobed along the entire circular edges. Lower leaves occur on long stalks while the upper leaves have no stalks, attaching directly to the stem. Flowers are very small, rose to purple colored, and on stalks that are 2 to 8 inches long.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Often survives winter as a biennial, overwintering as the rosette.

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