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Pest Information

Pink Fuzzybean

Pink Fuzzybean

  • Latin Name: Strophostyles Umbellata
  • Common Name: Pink Fuzzybean
  • Other Names: Wild bean

Pest Details

Pink Fuzzybean
Pink Fuzzybean


Native to North America, and found in Texas north to Missouri, and in nearly all states east of the Mississippi River.


A perennial plant that reproduces from seeds, and can grow in a vine-like fashion with twining stems. Found especially in sandy soils in open woodlands and fields, occasionally in landscape as an invasive plant.


Foliage generally stays low unless it is growing up into other nearby plants. Stems that terminate with the flowers are stiff and erect and may be over a foot in height. The leaves are divided into 3 leaflets that are elongate and lance-shaped, generally alternate along the stems. Flowers open one or two at a time as deep pink, pea-like flowers at the upper ends of the stems. The developing seed pods are below the new flowers and are several inches long and narrowly cylindrical in shape.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal may be effective for individual plants, and a systemic or contact herbicide will effectively kill larger infestations.

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