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Pest Information

Fivehook Bassia

Fivehook Bassia

  • Latin Name: Bassia Hyssopifolia
  • Common Name: Fivehook Bassia
  • Other Names: Bassia, hyssop-leaved echinopsilon, smother weed

Pest Details

Fivehook Bassia
Fivehook Bassia


Native to Europe and Asia, now widespread in California.


An annual broadleaf that is found in most soil situations – dry or wet habitat, roadsides, ditch banks, row crops, alfalfa fields. Seeds germinate in early spring and the plants mature in late summer.


Similar to Russian Thistle but rougher to the touch and more extensively branched. Also similar to Kochia but distinguished by leaf shape and by the seeds, which have 5-hooked structures on them. Mature plants grow to 5 feet tall or more, with a primary stem and numerous branches off of it. Branches spread sideways and then turn up at the ends. Leaves are bluish green, flat, narrow, and very small and pointed. They are much longer than they are wide, have smooth edges and very few hairs on them. Leaves are alternate on the stems and are without stalks. Flowers are tiny and inconspicuous, without petals, and are in compact clusters along the stems and at the bases of the leaves.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

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