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Pest Information

Peruvian Water Primrose

Peruvian Water Primrose

  • Latin Name: Ludwigia Peruviana
  • Common Name: Peruvian Water Primrose
  • Other Names: Primrose willow, Peruvian primrose willow

Pest Details

Peruvian Water Primrose
Peruvian Water Primrose


Native to tropical America, but naturalized in the U.S. where it has become invasive in wet areas in the southeast states.


Annual or biennial weeds with reproduction from seeds.


Similar in many respects to cutleaf evening primrose, with hairy stems and lanceolate leaves, but leaves have margins which are without teeth or other projections along them. Stems are erect and up to 6 feet tall. Flowers are usually bright yellow and showy, with 4 or 5 petals forming a large, open flower head up to 2 inches across.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Similar to other primrose weeds. Reduce excessive moisture conditions and maintain healthy turf.

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