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Pest Information

Hairy Woodrose

Hairy Woodrose

  • Latin Name: Merremia Aegyptia
  • Common Name: Hairy Woodrose
  • Other Names: Hairy morning-glory, hairy merremia

Pest Details

Hairy Woodrose
Hairy Woodrose
Hairy Woodrose
Hairy Woodrose


Native to tropical Latin America and Florida, and an introduced weed in Hawaii.


An annual vine that reproduces from seeds, this plant has become a weed in Hawaii. It is found in disturbed habitats, along roadsides, and in cultivated fields and landscape, and grows well in coarse, dry soils.


The most noticeable characteristic of this plant is that it is covered over nearly all stems and leaves with long, coarse, light hairs almost ΒΌ inch long. The plant is prostrate on open soil or twining into other vegetation as a vine. The large leaves are divided into 5 separated lobes with the leaf stalk attaching at the center. The flowers are white and funnel-shaped, and form on stalks that bear up to 7 buds, with flowers opening one at a time.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of individual plants will effectively control that plant. A contact or systemic herbicide also will be effective for larger infestations.

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