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Pest Information

Tomatillo Groundcherry

Tomatillo Groundcherry

  • Latin Name: Physalis Philadelphica
  • Common Name: Tomatillo Groundcherry
  • Other Names: Tomatillo, ground cherry

Pest Details

Tomatillo Groundcherry
Tomatillo Groundcherry


Often grown in gardens for its fruit, and now escaped from cultivation to become a problem in crops, orchards, and other areas.


An annual plant that propagates from seeds. Seeds germinate in spring and plants mature in late summer, when the seed pods form.


Mature plants are widely spreading with many branches, and may grow as tall as 40 inches. Stems are without hairs and are 4-angled, which is typical of this family of plants. Leaves are oval, pointed at the tips, and usually somewhat wavy on the margins. Leaves grow on long stalks off the stems. Flowers are over ½ inch wide and are yellow with a purplish center. There are 5 petals that are tightly joined in a broad star-shape. The fruit is large and swollen, beginning green but turning purple as it matures.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

An annual plant that grows best in moist situations.

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